Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

WHO CAN BECOME A CHANNEL PARTNER?2021-10-13T04:54:57+00:00

Civil Engineers & Professionals
Willing to invest in a Lucrative Venture
Construction Industries based Corporate Employees
Without knowledge in civil field but willing to invest in this business
First Generation Entrepreneur with Construction Technical Knowledge Construction aligned Bussiness Owners

What is Cement additives?2021-09-21T07:09:03+00:00

Additives are chemicals and materials blended into base cement slurries to alter the performance of the cement. Due to the inherent nature of base cements (Neat, Portland and Pozzolanic) and because of the demands placed on the cement sheath throughout the life of the well, the performance properties of the cementing slurry are modified to address the specific and unique conditions of each well.

What is Sealant?2021-09-21T07:08:10+00:00

Sealant is a substance used to block the passage of fluids through the surface or joints or openings in materials, a type of mechanical seal. In building construction sealant is sometimes synonymous with caulking and also serve the purposes of blocking dust, sound and heat transmission.

What is Grouting?2021-09-21T07:07:39+00:00

Grout is a particularly fluid form of concrete used to fill gaps. It is used in construction to embed rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids, and seal joints such as those between tiles. Grout is generally a mixture of water, cement, sand, often color tint, and sometimes fine gravel (if it is being used to fill large spaces such as the cores of concrete blocks). Unlike other structural pastes such as plaster or joint compound, correctly-mixed and -applied grout forms a waterproof seal.

What about the quality of product?2021-09-21T07:07:02+00:00

Building Doctor, having a well-established quality management system functioning at all level, is striving for continual improvement for ensuring customer delight. Manufacturing and supplying of various specifications in terms of Quality, Grade, Dimensions and performance as per customers requirement.

Continuous improvement in quality, delivery process and service through effective implementation of proper quality management system ensure customer satisfaction. The process is applicable from the stages of receipt of enquiry up to delivery of products and afterwards…

Quality of cement plays an important role in generating a continuous patronage of customers. Our Company strives to ensure that the quality of our product provided by us is as per the industry standards. For ensuring the quality of product we ensure that the raw material procured is of the desired quality. Awareness of this quality commitment is widespread among all the employees.

Dedicate Qualified, Skilled Company Engineers to participate in ongoing Customer Projects and provide full technical & marketing support as required.

Ensure that Products, Ideas, Services are delivered before or on Schedule at All Times.

Make sure that the Value the Company delivers translates into real-life benefit for the Customer and End-user, wherever they are, whatever they do.

Be prepared to respond to sudden and unforeseen needs, promptly, without delay.

What is admixture?2021-09-21T07:05:48+00:00

Concrete admixtures are used to enhance the properties of concrete for applications in concrete works with special requirements.

What is Water Proofing Compound?2021-09-21T07:05:12+00:00

Masonry walls are built with a damp-proof course to prevent rising damp, and the concrete in foundations needs to be damp-proofed or waterproofed with a liquid coating, basement waterproofing membrane (even under the concrete slab floor where polyethylene sheeting is commonly used), or an additive to the concrete.

What are Construction Chemicals?2021-09-21T07:04:17+00:00

Construction Chemicals are the 4th constituent (except Cement, Aggregates and Water) of cementations system which can modify, minimize or remove the limitations of concrete / mortar.

Where can I use Construction Chemicals?2021-09-21T07:03:37+00:00

Construction Chemicals can be used in any civil construction site. A different segment of Construction Chemicals also can be used for other system of construction also.

When should I use Construction Chemicals?2021-09-21T07:02:52+00:00

Construction Chemicals can be used during pre-construction, in-construction and post–construction jobs. The same can be used for minimizing or removing different kind of limitations of cementations system in new construction. But it is unavoidable in case of renovation or repair of old construction.

How does it cost?2021-09-21T07:01:55+00:00

Cost of Construction Chemicals vary on different aspects and requirements of the site. As we know that only Construction Chemicals can add value protection to construction – the cost comes under very much reasonably affordable limit.

I dont’t know anything about Costruction Chemicals, but I want to have 100% protection of my construction. How?2021-09-21T07:00:09+00:00

Just make a call at Building Doctor [add buildingdoctor’s Number here !!!!!] or communicate by any other means of communication and enjoy the most dedicated service from Building Doctor, at free of cost, for letting you know all about your specific techno commercial need.


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